Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Color Me Silly-Coral!

     I'm in quite a silly mood right now :) I don't know why two diet cokes do that to me...but it does! I've been fartin' around on Pinterest and you can tell everyone is ready for FUN SPRING COLORS!
     These are my favorites I came across...
Pinned Image
Ugh! Don't you just love this purse! I think coral {aside from hot pink} is my favorite color. And currently the color of my nails!
     Coral is actually the color of my nails right now! Painted those babies proud :) Paired with gold bracelets! Duh. I'm in love with my bracelets. The black studded one is from Nordies, and the gold chain is Juicy. Nail Polish is...well on the bottle it just says "Love and Beauty" and below that "nail polish made in USA" -- not helpful I know. I most likely bought it from like Walmart or CVS to be honest. Not too fancy over here!
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Honestly, I don't know what it is about gold and coral that just SCREAMS summer to me. Seriously, cannot wait to be tan! Woo!

Ha that is all :)

Stay Crafty
x0x0 Jess


  1. You crack me up! You are right on the money- coral screams summer and looks super hot on when you got that golden tan a brewing! LOVE your nails- very impressed I have to say, my polish get's all crazy up in my skin business when I try my hardest to do it myself! Nice work my friend! Summer is almost here!!! whoohoo!!!

  2. Love coral - makes me think Summer and color and fun! Thanks for fast forwarding March a bit for me. Super cute blog!